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Blade End-of-life Management

BladeBridge collaborates with wind farm owners & operators to provide sustainable end-of-life options for decommissioned blade material.

BladeBridge collaborates with wind farm owners and handlers of wind turbine waste to find end-of-life repurposing options for unwanted blade material. Blades are inspected and then categorised according to the end products they can be made into. After the blades are repurposed into products, we issue a waste diversion declaration showing the environmental impact avoided through the reuse of the blade material to substitute raw materials.

Circular Design

Leveraging research-driven methodologies, we evaluate the residual strength of the blades and design innovative products and infrastructure to repurpose them.

BladeBridge utilizes inspection and reverse engineering methodologies developed through our parent research group, the Re-Wind Network. The inspection process allows us to develop products and infrastructure exploiting the residual strength and aesthetics of the blade. These products are designed and built within the principles of the circular economy: they use waste material as structural components, and are designed to be easy to disassemble at end of life, thereby allowing for next life use of the material.

Sustainable Products

Our products use blades as a substitute for high-carbon raw material, creating infrastructure with significantly lower environmental impact which is in-line with green public procurement initiatives.

Our products use blades as a substitute for high-carbon raw material, such as steel and concrete, in construction projects. Construction is classified as one of the hard-to-abate sectors for decarbonisation. We offer infrastructure with significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional products, which can contribute to decarbonising this sector. Additionally, our products include cycling and hiking bridges and e-mobility hubs, which are necessary parts of sustainable infrastructure.

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